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Can my probation officer request my boyfriends phone records from the House of Corrections due to the fact she put a NO contact

Milwaukee, WI |

on him in my rules. Which means I cant contact him through phone, third party or person, is that right?? Its not through the courts, just through probation and parole. He is not on papers and is being released in 16 days but I'm nervous she could obtain the recorded calls.
PLEASE HELP!! I don't want to be in jail again for being in love and wanting to talk to my boyfriend.
So I guess I have two questions. What exactly does me having a no contact on someone mean, and the question about the phone records.

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I have represented many clients who have violated no contact orders while in custody, and the agents always get copies of the phone calls. Now, your situation is a bit different because you are the one who is on probation. I can tell you that phone calls would count as contact in most cases, though you would have to look at the specific language in your rules. I suspect that your agent can obtain those records, and that you should stop having contact with someone who your agent says not to contact.


I agree with the first answer. I would add that generally no contact means just that: no contact. No phone calls, emails, text messages, no messages through third parties, etc.

If you are talking to your boyfriend while he is in jail or prison, that type of contact is generally recorded and easily accessible to the probation officer.

Good luck!