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Can my probation officer make me go to her office every friday?

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I am court ordered to report to probation once a month, not once a week. My probation officer knows I am supposed to report once a month, but she makes me come in every friday each week. Is she allowed to do this? I am not on probation for drugs or weapons. I dont have a car or the money to afford going to her office every week, her office is far from my home, especially just to turn in weekly job logs.

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Yes. She can.

Accepting probation is like making a deal with the Devil. It keeps you out of jail but it places you at the whim of your PO and the mercy of the (oftentimes unmerciful) State.

You are free to file a motion with the Court seeking to clarify (and the Court may even agree with you and "stand down" your PO), but remember that your PO has the power of the pen (a mere allegation, sans any proof, may not be enough to cause permanent damage but is certainly enough to put a damper in your day) so you are always going to be best served by accepting your situation and complying with your PO's requests (unreasonable or complicated as they may be).

It is not uncommon for PO's start tough / strong and, once they see compliance and a lack of resistance then they lighten up. I suggest that you grin and bear it for a few weeks and see if she does not lighten up. If not then consider hiring a lawyer to speak to her and to file a motion, but this should be your last resort.

Good luck!

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Yes, she can.




Yes she can require you to report weekly. However you may file a motion with the court to request that it be specified that you are to report once a month and no more.


Yes she can

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Unfortunately, the answer is yes. However, you may want to petition the court to address the hardship of traveling to the PO's office in order to obtain a more reasonable time frame to submit the work log.