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Can my probation be violated twice if I have the same charge in two different states? (Driving on revoked license)

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I am on supervised probation in tn. I went to jail in va without telling my po and now I'm being violated. Before I was arrested for the violation I got caught driving on revoked license in tn. Now I am facing violation twice. What am I facing time wise?

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generally, no

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It does not seem to me that you are being charged twice for the same thing. You have two separate violations. You can be found to violate one, the other or both.


I think I understand your situation to be that you were on probation when you were charged with a new offense and that a probation violation was filed. Then, before your violation hearing, you were charged with another offense. In this situation, a probation officer would most likely amend your probation violation warrant to include both offenses. Both offenses would then be considered by the Court in deciding first whether you violated your probation, and, second, if so, the appropriate punishment. A Tennessee judge has wide discretion in deciding punishment after a probation violation. You could be made to serve out your full sentence, reinstated to probation, or a combination of both. A judge could also extend your probation or add conditions to your probation. You should consult with a lawyer who regularly practices in front of your judge to discuss sentences in prior similar cases.