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Can my po see my citation before I am booked?

Antioch, TN |

On community corrections I see my po every monday can my po see my citation before I am booked on the 25

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Likely not, but once you get booked that all changes. Keep in mind that keeping this hush-hush with your PO is only delaying the inevitable. Your better interests include informing him or her of the new charge ahead of time. Although a new arrest technically qualifies as a violation, everything depends on the facts. You need to contact a lawyer so that you both can get a handle on this thing soon.


I believe your probation officer is able to obtain information regarding citations that have been issued, even though the recipient has not yet been booked. I have had cases in which my clients were issued citations charging them with drug offenses, and before they were booked they received notices from the MDHA (Metropolitan District Housing Agency), demanding that they vacate their apartments. In addition, there a number of attorneys here in Nashville who purchase citations from the Metro Nashville Police Department prior to booking, and send solicitation letters to people who have received citations. The lesson I draw from this: this information is accessible even before booking.

Therefore, the safest course is to tell your community corrections officer immediately.

Good luck.


The probation officer has access to the same database the police officers have. Once the citation is issued, the officer then turns the citation in for processing. While you haven't been booked, the citation is in circulation in the mainframe. Because of this, the probation officer could search your name to see if you have been arrested. Probation officers often do this prior to a scheduled meeting with someone they are monitoring. Both previous answers are correct... the best course of action is to tell your probation officer as soon as possible.

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