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Can my parole/probation officer order me to pay a private collections agency?

Moscow Mills, MO |

my probation/parole officer said that if i do not make a payment on my court fines then he is going to write me a violation. when i went to courthouse to pay the fine they would not except my money saying it has been sent to a private collections agency. in my opinion my debt with the court has been satisfied by the collections agency and should no longer be a concern of p&p. so i ask can he write me that violation for not paying the collections agency?

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Section 559.021 reads, “The conditions of probation shall be such as the court in its discretion deems reasonably necessary to ensure that the defendant will not again violate the law.” The court views probation and parole as an extension of the court when it comes to preventing recidivism. I believe the court would view your failure to pay your costs/fines as a violation of your agreement with the court. Also, you agreed to pay all fines/costs when you were placed on probation. Therefore, I suggest you get them paid ASAP. It doesn't matter if they have been turned over to collections, and P & P has the power to tell you to pay them.

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I agree with my colleague. You agreed to pay your court fines, and there is no loophole that absolves you of that responsibility if you wait long enough for the court to send you to collections. If you don't want to be violated, do what your po says.

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Mr. Fry is absolutely correct. You should get them paid ASAP and let your P & P officer know you plan to do so in accordance with his/her request.

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