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Can my parents press rape charges for me if I am 19 years old?

Roswell, NM |

I was at a party and there was drinking. The next thing I remember was waking up in a guys bed the next morning with clothes that were not mine. My parents want to press charges but I don't want to. Can my parents do that without my consent?

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It is not up to you or your parents to press charges. The police or the prosecution file charges. Please get some counseling. As a victim you are very vulnerable right now.


Neither your parents nor you press charges. That is done by the district attorney. However the prosecutor does take into account your I was wishes. The fact that you blacked out means you probably did not consent but even that is unknown. However your decision to drink as a minor and your lack of memory and your reluctance all weigh against prosecution if they know the suspect. If your blood had a date rape drug spiked in your drink, the likelihood of prosecution is greater no matter how you feel.

Whatever happens I hope you can forgive your own bad judgment and in a sense forgive the rapist not for his sake but for your healing and well being. Don't let this define who you are or limit your future in any way.

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