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Can my mother legally send me to boot camp in Florida?

Jacksonville, FL |

im 17.. also, she says i cant leave the house only cuz i dont care about school, i just want to pick up a trade when im i turn 18, its my choice but she puts me thru emotional, psychological (bigtime) and physical abuse and just yesterday she scratched up my face. She never just comes in and says how are you feeling or anything like that, and she blames me for all her stress problems because shes always dam screaming at me all the time.i know education is important, i will get it on only my terms.

I go to school everyday and i just sleep in all my classes or skip cuz ive had it with the Duval County education system (GARBAGE!!) And i want to know

How can i legally defend myself and my ideals? Is there any defence??

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Yes, under Florida law, your mother can send you to a private boot camp. She can also keep you in the house until you "care about school," whatever that means. She can't neglect or abuse you, and you may want to report the scratching or the abuse to DCF, the police, or the school.

But wait. Not the school, because that would be that "garbage" Duval County education system, wouldn't it? I don't know what your "ideals" are or what an education would be on "[your] terms," but I see that your post is full of grammatical errors and misspellings that I doubt are the fault of the "garbage" Duval County education system. Certainly it's wrong that your mother would scratch you or abuse you or blame you for all her stress, but how wrong is it to sleep through class?

A trade? That's fine, but which one? Do you think that being a welder or a mechanic requires no intelligence, no ability to write or to spell? No more schooling? Do you think tech school isn't hard? Do you think they'll let you through it "only [on your own] terms"?

A lot of the time, school sucks. You think high school is rough, try four years of college, then law school. You think I made it through that because I'm smarter than you or because my parents were rich? Neither. I just didn't give up.

I'm sure your mother is making it tough on you. Far tougher than it should be. But don't let it stop you. Talk to a counselor or a friend or do whatever you have to do. You're not a dropout. You're not a loser. No one can make you that. Stay in school and be more. Work in a trade if that's what you want, but only if that's really want you want, not because you can't be more. Report the abuse if it's the thing you need to do, but whatever happens, don't let it stop you from moving forward in your life. Don't let it be an excuse to go backward or to go nowhere.

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