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Can my mother in law put restraining order on me?

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My husband has fathered a child with his ex-girlfriend a few years ago. My mother in law has been boned with both the ex-girlfriend and the child since she knew that happened. My husband want to please his mother, so he started to seeing her and the child. That girlfriend has use that child as the bit to restricted his mom, and him. Recently, he has sort of moved in with her. I sent text message to asked her to stop seeing and contacting my husband. After his mother found out, she has threaten to put a restraining order on me to preventing any contacts between my husband and me. I been told, she can request and put any names on the form to restraining me to have any contact with who's on the form. She doing this for exchange of the child. Can she do that to prevent him come back to me

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Your mother in law can not seek a restraining order to prevent you from contacting her adult son, your husband. He is a big boy and has to speak for himself, so if he wants no contact with you, he has to say so.

I was not sure I understood who your husband moved in with - his mother or his ex-girlfriend. If he is living with his mother, and his mother asks you not to come to her house, you would have to respect that, and if you didnt respect that, she could get an anti-harassment protection order against you, but even then, she would not be able to ask you to have no contact with your husband, only prevent you from coming to her house.

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