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Can my mother in law be charged with Robbery in the Second degree and what would she get if convicted?

Everett, WA |

Her boyfriend robbed a pharmacy allegedly 5 times...she allegedly was with him once or twice waiting for him in the car...she has only one prior, a midemeanor in 97...can she legally be charged with Robbery in the Second degree and if she was and convicted what would she receive for a sentence? I don't know if she has been cooperating with the detectives in the case

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She can be charged. Her previous record is also a problem, she should hire a local attorney.


It sounds like a situation where the State could believe your mother in law was involved as an accomplice to robbery, which could result in a range of 3-9 months for a single count and 12-14 months for two counts. Her prior misdemeanor conviction can be considered by the prosecutor when they are making an offer, and by the Judge if she ends up in a sentencing hearing, but it does not increase the potential sentence ranges on a robbery charge. Robbery is a serious charge and she should talk to a lawyer about the details of her case to make sure that her rights are fully protected. I wish you all the best of luck!

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