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Can my MIP case be dismissed since the officer didnt give me my ticket at the scene and told us we could leave?

Jackson, MI |

I'm 19 and i got an mip last night. i blew a .027. I did everything the officer told me to and i was honest with them. my friends got tickets right their, the officer told us we could leave an walk to my friends house close by, i didnt receive a ticket at the time, i though they let me off because i was so cooperative with them, and we were walking down the street and one of the officers pulled up and told me he forgot to give me my ticket. i was shocked and really confused. Is this legal? Can i have my case dismissed because he didn't give it to me at the hotel we were at? I hope their some legal hope for me, because really that probably upset me the most. I'm in college and i have my life on track, it was just a bad time and wrong place. please if you could answer my question. that would help.

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Your best bet is to go to (The National College for DUI Defense) and find a Lawyer near the city where this happened.

Victor Carmody
781 Liberty Rd.
Flowood,Mississippi 39232


I am a CA attorney. Mr. Carmody response should be taken.


Our firm is located in Michigan. We handle many cases in Jackson. You can phone us at
1 866-766-5245. You can indeed be charged with MIP even though the cop did not hand you a citation. You can read more at: