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Can my manager force me to work full time hours to not risk losing my part time job?

Franklinville, NJ |

My manager says that I took off too many days so they switched me to part time, but he said that I need to work full time for me not to risk losing my position. I asked of theres a position that I can work part time hours and not risk losing my job and he said no.

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I do not practice law in NJ but this seems like something the employer can do so long as they're not doing it in a discriminatory manner or violating any wage & hour statutes in your state. Without an employment contract or union, employers in the United States set the terms of employment. It also depends on why you took so much time off...that is, was it FMLA leave? Perhaps consulting with a local labor & employment attorney will help.


Assuming no union is involved, as long as you are compensated the correct wages, it appears it is within his discretion to assign you those hours.

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