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Can my license get suspended!?

Reseda, CA |

I was involved in an accident in Sep. 2012; I was at fault and had no insurance at the time. My license was immediately suspended for driving without insurance. I now have insurance and the ability to drive to work and back! In the mean time, the insurance company of the opposing driver, was asking for appx. $4000, without asking me any details about the accident. I talked to a lawyer then and he said I needn't do anything until the bodily injury costs also come through. Yesterday I received a letter from a collection agency saying that I need to make arrangements to pay appx. $12000 and pending for medical costs, and If I don't they may get a judgment to suspend my drivers license (again).
p.s. the accident didn't look like It'd cost this much and the pics I have can prove it. What to do?

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Have a local lawyer negotiate the amount down, and get you on a payment plan that you can live with.


Immediately send an objection letter to the collection company disputing the claimed amount. Demand they send you all documents and information that they believe forms the basis of the claim. Then follow through with the negotiations as stated above. If you don't send the letter within 30 days you will compromise your rights. Best of luck.

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You need to negotiate a payment plan that you can afford.

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Immediately contact a local attorney to respond to file the required response. Time is of the essence. Call a lawyer in your area now.

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