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Can my landlord turn my power off for late fee's florida

Lake Wales, FL |

my air went out in may and they turned my power off to work on it well it was left off for 2 days before i new it,because i couldnt stay in the trailer it was 114 degree i shorted the rent 40.00 for my food that i lost.well the 40.00 has grown to 349.00 in late fee's,now they keep taking my breaker out so i have no electricity.the temp was 26 degree's and no electricity.

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What you are describing is a form of "self-help" eviction. A landlord can't do this. You actually have an action against the landlord for tampering with your breaker. Your remedy is to file an action in court. I would advise you obtain a local attorney to assist you on this. Florida law allows the reimbursement of attorney's fees if you become the prevailing party. If you can't afford an attorney, talk with your local legal aid and they might take on the case if you qualify. Also, if you hire an attorney, that attorney might be willing to take it on a contingency basis because they can go after the landlord on a multiplier. You really need to act on this before it gets out of hand.

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