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Can my landlord shut my power /gas off due to him not paying the bill ?

Pottstown, PA |

we are a month behind in rent but have a agreement on paper for paying it up. Also I have a 5 year old and pregnant. This power getting shut off will not just affect me but the other 2 apartment who the one other has 2 young babies . Also the landlord does not take care of the apartment we have have called him about things that are broke and he has never fixed them yet .so with the other ten tents he only calls us when it time for rent that is it

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Attorney answers 1


No, your landlord is not permitted to do that. His recourse for non-payment of rent is to bring a lawsuit, not to withhold services. Withholding the services you mentioned causes a breach of the Landlord's Warranty of Habitability, which relieves you of the obligation to pay all or part of the rent. I suggest you engage an attorney to write a letter to the landlord explaining to him what his obligations are as a landlord (which includes providing gas and electricity). You could move out of the apartment at this point if you want to, or talk to a lawyer who can advise you on a lawsuit you may be able to bring against the landlord.