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Can my landlord raise my rent I have a month to month lease

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I have a month to month lease I moved in on November 1 2009 an now they are tryin to raise my rent which is 650$ to 750$ they are now tryin to tell me it was a 3 month move in special but it's way passed three month the lease manger said the owners taxes went up can he legally do this

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Yes they can legally do this. It is interesting that the taxes went up. Does that mean you get a reduction because the mortgage payment went down when the owner refinanced? It is foolish to get a tenant in for a short time and then push them out. The turnover cost and related touch up will eat an owner alive. The manager gains due to additional commissions.

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Yes, if you are on a month to month lease, he can legally do this although he should give you 30 days notice in writing You need to make some decisions. If you want to stay there, you can always try to negotiate a reduction in rent for taking a lease for a year. If you have an annual lease, the rent can be raised each year, but not during the term of the lease itself. If your living circumstances are such that you can make this kind of commitment, you should get a longer lease to avoid the issue of raises in rent. Also, if you are only month to month, you can be asked to vacate at any time with proper notice. With a longer lease, absent some major default on your part, you have the protection of the lease.

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