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Can my landlord garnish my wages i owe about 1000 dollars.

Springfield, OH |

But we had a verbal agreement that when i received my tax return i would pay it and plus 3 months rent .but just recently he issued a court ordered. Eviction notice we have been with him for nearly 7 years and always pay a couple months in advance every year ..tgis year he never gave us a chance to get our return back before the eviction

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There is not enough information here to provide a complete answer. You have indicated that you owe $1000. However you have only indicated that the court ordered an eviction and have not indicated whether the court gave your landlord a money judgment. Generally, someone has to have a money judgment, and only then they can take the next step to obtain a garnishment. I would consult with a lawyer your jurisdiction immediately.


Attorney Roswold is correct - it is unclear whether there is a money judgment or an eviction judgment or just an eviction complaint.

The time to respond to an eviction is VERY short. If there is an order for possession, your time is VERY VERY short.

You need to contact a competent, local eviction defense attorney IMMEDIATELY to learn about your rights and responsibilities. Be sure to bring with you ALL the papers from your landlord (and the lease, if you have it).

Good luck.

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