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Can my landlord evicte me because she doesnt like me?

San Jose, CA |

ive lived in my apartment 3 years,i pay my rent on time every time in full, my land lady is the daughter of the apartment owner and we shaire the same back yard, she is constantly on me about EVERYTHING , its to the point where its become personal and its aparent she hates me (we are around the same age) my boy friend said some choice words to her the other day whith out me knowing about it now shes threating me with an evicting. i have appoligied over and over and so did he but she will not hear it she will not talk with us about it she just wants me out can she do this,my boyfriend does not live with me.

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You are responsible for any violations of the lease or house rules by your guests and visitors. If your landlord feels your boyfriend's conduct was in material noncompliance with the lease/house rules, she may pursue eviction. San Jose is a rent-control city so you may want to contact the local housing authority to get more information on your rights as a tenant.


If you are not subject to rent control statutes, a landlord can terminate a month to month tenancy for any reason (not discrimination or retaliation for complaining to govt. agency within 180 days) upon 60-days written notice to vacate. Here, your landlord has not served any written notice. You are under no legally obligation to leave until proper notice is given.

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I agree with my colleagues. Your post does not indicate whether you have a fixed term lease or whether you are a month to month tenant. Generally speaking, if you are a month to month tenant, even if you pay rent on time, the landlord can end the tenancy by serving you with a written 60 day notice (and the notices normally does not need to provide the reason or reasons).

If your apartment is subject to local rent control laws, those laws apply in connection with any eviction.

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