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Can my landlord charge me for a UD and is $150 considered excessive under Ca law?

Sacramento, CA |

I was going over my rental agreement (month-to-month tenant) and saw in there that the landlord will charge me $150 if they file a UD on me regardless of whether or not they win in court. Is that legal? And doesn't that amount seem excessive? What if I win ... can I get it back?

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Many leases contain provisions to recoup fees spent in court if an Unlawful Detainer is filed. As most Unlawful Detainer filing fees are in excess of $150.00, this amount may not be unreasonable. If you win at an Unlawful Detainer, you may be able to recoup any fees you incurred as a result of the Unlawful Detainer.

If you have an issue with the clause in your lease, you may want to contact the landlord and discuss it with him or her.

Good luck in your matter.

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