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Can my kids father stop me from calling them?

Perry, GA |

My kids father has had our kids for over a week now since he lied his way to get them through the courts and was awarded custody because of his lies. He has never given any type of support for our kids and he has a lot of money but lied to the judge about the amount he makes so that I would be ordered to pay child support and was granted that. Since he has had our kids he won't let me talk to them at all and I do call and text him everyday for me to talk to my babies and he has lied to his lawyer saying that I was harassing him because I want to talk to my kids everyday and that he is not obligated to allow me phone time. I got a letter from his attorney saying that I need to stop calling his client or he will have me arrested. He's trying to brainwash my kids!!!!!

On top of that when he came to get our kids they were scared because he has kidnapped them before so he lied and told them that he would get them a phone so that t hey would be able to call me whenever they wanted but when I asked him did they get the phone he said they are too young and he got them a TABLET to play games on and he did let me talk to them once but they were reading off of a script I know because I asked them what they were doing and they said reading me a list that their dad wrote for them to talk to me about

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You mention having to go before a judge who heard the case. However, you do not say whether a court order was entered or a written settlement agreement reached that spells out what the custodial and/or visitation rights are of the parties. If there is a court order that itself or through incorporation of a written agreement requires that you be given a reasonable opportunity to have telephonic visitation with your children, and your children's father is in violation of the order, you could try filing a contempt action against him. Depending on how long ago you went before the judge, and esp. if a final order was entered at least 2 yrs ago, you may want to consider filing a modification action. I advise speaking with a family law attorney about this. Good luck.