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Can my Job Require me to carry a CO. issued cell phone for daily usage & charge me for accidental damage or loss & Discipline me

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Work for Airline that only takes credit & has us using a device on the plane that takes credit cards & @end of flight we send data via a cell signal. The device contract expired so Co. bought 20,000 Smart Phones for Crew with a attachment so we may swipe credit cards on the phone & process payments via wifi on plane in real time. Were not happy about it being MANDATORY to have the phone on us @ALL TIMES (even at home) & charged to 80% @ALL TIMES or risk being Disciplined & sent home without pay. Also we have been told if we ACCIDENTALLY Get the phone wet, or damage it (ice, soda, drop it etc) or lose it. We will be charged $75 1st Time $150 2nd Time $200 3rd Time As well as Discipline up to & including Termination starting with 1st Offense Were told must pay immediately by credit/paycheck

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They can probably charge you as long as the deductions do not drop below the minimum wage and your applicable overtime wage. They also must pay you for all time you spent on the phone if it is off of the clock and you are not an exempt employee. The exemptions are complicated. If you have any questions about whether you are exempt call or email me and I will be happy to explain the exemptions to you. Good luck.