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Can my husband lose his green card?

Medford, MA |

what if he gets his green card and go to Brazil, and i go to the immigration and tell them that i want a divorce ,that he was abusive, that he forced me to lie to the IRS and lie to the immigration officers?
can he lose his green card? will he be able to come back to the us?
what may happen if i report him while he is in brazil

PS: everything im saying here is true. he said he would kill me if i dont do what he says

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You need an immigration lawyer, and you should call the police when your life is threatened.

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Even if true, husband will lose nothing, at least not initially, if at all..Please immediately open your purse and seek a private consultation with a local immigration lawyer.

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Mr. Behar is correct ... even if true, the wheels of justice move slowly.

Plus, as much as you think you have 'proof' a judge might not think it is that significant.

Hire a lawyer.

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I agree with my colleagues. You may need to call the police if you feel your life is being threatened. You should talk to an immigration attorney.

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LPRs status is given by the American people though their elected government and taken the same way. All you can do is report and you do not have to wait until he leaves for Brazil for it. Remember that, vengeance is immoral always, even when it is done for purest of reasons. There are always two sides to a story and the government will have to decide who to believe. If he is abusive, and you feel not safe, report him to the police.

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Yes he can lose his green card if you do all of what you wrote.

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