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Can my husband legally put his mother in a nursing home without her permission

Long Beach, CA |

How can my husband legally put his mother in nursing home without her permission? She has altimers, and is going blind, also my husbands homeless brother has moved in with her, and is taking advantage of her and her money, she don't know what she is doing, and she forgets everything on daily basis, she can't hear except when you talk in her ear.Can anything be done about this, and I suspect she has him on her bank account.My husband cannot afford attorney fees, Is there any way to protect his mother, and also get her in nursing home, or is that something that has to go to court, Her doctor also said she need to go to nursing home but she refuses. We need a solution and answers.

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Your husband wants her in nursing home, and so does her doctor but she refuses, right? She has a right to refuse if her mind is sound. If it is not you can petition the probate court for a conservatorship and have your husband appointed conservatee. Mind, you'll have to prove she is incompetent. Merely saying you have seen her drool in her soup won't be enough.

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