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Can my husband kick me out of our house and sell my personal property (clothing, furniture, etc)

Virginia Beach, VA |

I am deployed over seas and my husband has sent me paper work try to take my 2 year old daughter away from me. He has moved out of our home that we brought during our marriage and his living with another woman. He also has sent me a separation/divorce agreement that I am not willing to sign. I have asked him if he could re frame from sending me any legal paper work until i come back to that states. He took our baby out of her daycare and I have no idea where they live but i do know he is in Virginia. He also stated that I i don't sigh his paper work then he was going to file for full custody of our baby, and that he was going to sell all of my belongings and he will not give me the information i need so i can refinance my car out of his name. He does not have an POA from me either.

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You don't have to sign anything that you don't agree with. If he files for custody of your daughter, you can notify the court that you are deployed and they have to continue the case until you have returned. The same is true if he files for divorce. Once you have returned from deployment, you will be able to participate in an actions. He cannot legally sell your personal property and if he does, he should be required to compensate for anything he disposed of. You do need to try to find out and keep track of where he is living so you will be able to take action once you have returned.