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Can my husband cash our income tax return that has both of our names on it without my signature or being present when its cashed

Chandler, AZ |

My husband and i did our taxes together thru jackson hewitt in AZ. Our return was for $6,700. He decided to leave me out of nowhere and i havent heard from him. I know that he picked up our income tax and i dont know what to do. Can he get the money without giving me or my 2 kids any. We both closed our bank accounts before we filed our taxes so he couldnt take it to a bank where we have an account with both our names.

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I am not licensed to practice law in your state.

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As a legal matter, no, he can't cash the check without your signature. As a practical matter, he may be able to forge your name and find someone who will cash it. You should consider filing a police report and a suit for divorce.