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Can my husband be reinstated to parole if i prove his innocence and be let out of jail sooner

Cedar Park, TX |

my husband was arrested on a bogus mistermenor charge and his porole was violated because of it i went to the da to talk to someone there and was asked to return today to talk to someone else about the incident, i can prove his innocience

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After his new case is disposed of, he will have a parole hearing. The outcome of that hearing will not be dictated by the outcome of the new case, but it may be influenced by it. Ninety-nine percent of the time when a person tells me they are going to get charges dropped by talking to the police or DA, they are wrong. I would hire him a good attorney as soon as possible.

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Parole will get the full police report and likely ask questions of your husband about the incident - even if the prosecutors dismiss or decline to prosecute the case. Often times there were other things going on (drinking, etc) that will also violate parole. He should retain counsel as soon as possible. If he has a parole hold (sometimes referred to as a blue warrant) try to retain someone as soon as possible before parole goes to speak with him in jail without his attorney present.

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He must retain a good counsel. This is a difficult situation.

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I wish you luck doing this on your own. Your husband's freedom is at stake and you are trying to be an investigator and a lawyer. Parole is difficult waters to navigate. I recommend you find a Lawyer in the county where you reside and work as a team with that lawyer.

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