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Can my husband and I be held liable if our 19 yr. old son injures someone in a car accident in New York State?

Buffalo, NY |

My 19 yr old step son has an opportunity to get a car. My husband and I would like to know what, if anything, we can be held liable for if he should get into an accident and someone is injured.

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You may be held liable if your name appears anywhere on the title of the car. If your names does not appear anywhere, there generally, there should not be any issue with respect to liability.

Also, if your son is in the process of running an errand for you, or doing something on your behalf where the issues of agency may come in, then you may be held liable for any damages he may cause.

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If your name appears on the Title or the insurance policy, then you can become liable in the event your son get's into an accident and it is determined that it was his fault.

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