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Can my homeowners association foreclose on my house for late maintenance fees payments?

Miami, FL |

I was late one month and they keep on adding interest and sent it to a lawyer for collection and the hiked up the payment from 800 dollars to 4000 dollars, and if we do not pay it they will foreclose on the house.

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They absolutely can and by law are entitled to attorneys fees and other collection costs without ever filing a lien or litigation. Your best option is to negotiate a payment plan if you cannot pay in full.

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I agree with my colleague. Your best option is to negotiate with the HOA. If you have not paid your dues it is pretty clear that you areliable for the dues, late fees, interest and attorney fees. The longer you wait to negotiate or pay up the more it is going to cost you unless you have a defense for not paying.


Yes they can foreclose on your home. Try to settle with them out of court.

"This answer should not be considered legal advice. Each case is different. An a formal consultation would be need it before an specific answer can be given"

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