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Can my head trauma help me in dui case

Columbus, OH |

i was arrested for possible ovi in ohio . my attorney says he can get that thrown out because i have head trauma problems from a work related accident years ago . im on dissability because of it . it effects my head aches , vision, and a regimen of meds. i was just wondering your input

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Do you have an OVI Attorney helping you already? If so, WHY ARE YOU ON HERE SECOND-GUESSING HIM/HER?

But, yes, there are many reasons why an OVI can get reduced, dismissed, or found not-guilty. One of the defenses could be related to prior trauma, such as prior head trauma.

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I'm baffled by the question; not the substance of it rather the fact that you thought it useful to post here. How could any attorney answer the central question with no more than a few lines of information from you. Absolutely no facts concerning the stop itself. You have an attorney who should be your sole source of information and assistance. If you are unsatisfied with current counsel you are certainly entitled to hire new counsel. Your current attorney has all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your encounter with the police as well as your medical history. There's a basis for having an opinion.


I agree with my colleagues. Let me just add that head trauma can impact the validity of the field sobriety tests administered by the arresting officer, it does not effect the validity of any chemical test results indicating you had an elevated blood alcohol level. But you have an attorney you probably paid good money to, trust that person.

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