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Can my girlfriend (age 17) Is legally able to move out without her parents consent In Delta County, Mi

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Hello, I was wondering if my girlfriend (age 17) is able to move out without her parents consent. she currently lives in Delta County. I've read that because she is 17 that she could, and that her parents can't file for a runaway report, or force her to come home. She would be able to move in with me, and my family, so its not like she wouldn't be a bum in the park. It's confusing because there's the different laws for people at age 17 and at age 18. but what I'm getting its that she'd be able to. Could someone Clarify?

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Even if the law says she can't the reality is that she is 17 and most police agencies are not going to do anything unless she is in danger.


No, she can not legally move out without having any recourse until she is 18 years old. Regardless of whether or not the law "may" or "may not" do anything, if she does, this is a terrible idea. She is 17 and not legally an adult until she turns 18. Period.

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