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Can my future new landlord request a copy of my last bank statement?

Orlando, FL |

We are wanting to rent a townhouse. The landlord is requesting a copy of drivers license and last pay stubs (which I am okay with). But she is also requesting a copy of our last bank statement. My question is simply....does this interfere with the privacy act in some way or another. A bank statement is so personal, has all your information, including account numbers and such. And with identity theft being the #1 crime I am very hesistant in giving this information out. Please help!

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The landlord can request the bank statements but you don't have to provide them. You can tell him that you will not disclose that information. If they don't want to rent to you there are thousands of homes available for rent. Right now it is definitely a buyers' and renters' market. landlords and sellers are having a hard time moving their property. I would refuse to provide the bank statements.