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Can my friend evict non-paying house guests ?

Reynoldsburg, OH |

The guests have lived there one to three months, free room and board. He just found out that they both have records. They have been stealing from him.

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The simple answer is yes. You may evict anyone who is is not on the lease, or who who is not paying as the lease requires, however, it will be easier to inform the landlord and allow him to evict these individuals. Your local police agency may be willing to help as well, if you let them know what happens, they might be willing to eject them based on the idea they are now trespassing.

The cheapest and quickest way to deal with issue would be contact your landlord, and have them facilitate the eviction. One other issue you may have to deal with is whether or not your lease prohibits you from allowing others to stay there for that long of a period without the consent of your landlord. However, even if your lease does prohibit that, I would think your landlord will do whatever is necessary to get convicted felons off of his property.



My friend owns the house. He's not a tenant.

Justin Michael Wright

Justin Michael Wright


If he owns the house, he can certainly evict them, I would either call the police, or contact an attorney that does landlord- tenant law, it should be easy and fairly inexpensive.

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