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Can my Felony for battery on a leo be dropped to a misdemanor? If so, how? If not, what will happen to me?

Stuart, FL |

I'm 16 and was charged with battery on a leo and resisting arrest without violence. (I bit his sleave not him, the officer was harm in no way) Is there any like diversion methods or anything that can be done to lessen the charge?

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Please do not admit to facts on a public forum like AVVO. Your parents need to hire a lawyer where you are to explore the possibility of getting you into a diversion program or negotiating an offer where State will reduce charges to a misdemeanor. It is possible but you will need legal help.

Please be advised that answering your questions does not establish an attorney-client relationship with myself or my firm. We would be more than happy to set up a free consultation if you call us at 407-588-6714 and specifically mention AVVO or email me at and put AVVO in the subject line.


You are 16 years old. Depending on your record and the circumstances of this case your case may be dealt with in juvenile court. You need an attorney ASAP to explore all options which may be available to you. Some options, such as a diversion, are open for a limited time. Time is of the essence. You should avoid making statements in a public forum which are not privileged. I practice regularly in Martin County, if you would like to discuss the matter.


Secure criminal counsel immediately and discuss your alternatives.

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