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Can my father get fired from his job?

Santa Barbara, CA |

Thank you! I live in California. I have a medical marijuana prescription. I own my house with my father. Heres the issue, I want to grow my cannabis instead of buying it. But i own my house with my father and he has a security clearance. He says if i do and hes work finds out he could lose his job. Its my house too, is there any laws that would protect my father. He does not smoke cannabis nor does he care about it. Can he get into trouble if im growing in my room and I label every thing mine. Can he get into trouble for what a co owner of the house is doing? Or is he protected by some law? Thank you. I hope there was enough information.

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It sounds like your father is a federal employee or contracts in this space. Cannabis is still not legal federally and doing what you propose exposes him to a problem should it come to pass.

I would refrain from doing anything that places him in peril of losing his job. If that happens and he can no longer pay his end of the mortgage, assuming there is one, or taxes, expenses, etc on the house then this affects you as well.

There is no law that will hold him harmless. It would come down to what an administrative judge believes is fair. So while I highly doubt anyone will ever even know about it should they find out and he get in trouble the chance that he will pay a price exists.

I think in fairness you should continue to buy your weed as usual and not chance it.

This is only my opinion of course.

Best regards,
Natoli-Lapin, LLC

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