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Can my family members insurance be sued for my accident

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i was recently in an accident involving another car and a pedestrian. the other car was found to be at fault. the pedestrian is suing both of us. i would like to know can the pedestrian sue the other family members insurance in my household who are not on my policy because they have their own insurance from a different company. i would like to know why do my insurance ask for their insurance information. what do i do when they refuse to divulge their information to my insurance company? do i take it without them knowing and how does it effect the both of us. thank you

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You should cooperate with your insurance company as failure to do so may void their obligations to you. If you refuse the plaintiff's attorney may ultimately subpoena your family members and take their testimony regarding their policies. Their policies may well provide additional coverage, which would only be necessary if the amount of the demand or judgement exceeded your limits.


The question is not really if the other can sue (anyone can try to sue for almost anything), the question is whether or not the other family members are liable. Unless one of your other family members is the owner of the vehicle in question or there is some sort of claim for negligently entrusting you with the vehicle then I can't see a scenario in which any one or any other insurance would have to respond in damages. As to the request for other insurance information, you are under a duty to cooperate with your carrier and I can't see how providing them with the insurance information would put you in any worse position. If the case is in suit, your company should have assigned you defense counsel. You can present theses questions to him/her or consult with personal counsel.

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Why not ask you insurance company why they want to ascertain this information? I am a California attorney not licensed in NY or familiar with their laws. I do not understand why they want this information UNLESS one of the other member of your family was the driver of your car or the co-registered owner etc. at the time of the accident. Why not consult a local NY attorney - many offer free initial consultations

This is not intended to be legal advise or as legal representation. I am a California personal injury attorney . Be aware that every state has its own statute of limitations; and statutes & case laws that govern the handling of these matters.

David Ian Schoen

David Ian Schoen


In my 30 plus years of practice in NY, I frequently sought other policies in the household which provided coverage for the operator of his own vehicle as an additional insured. If he met the definition the policies could be available if the operator's policy was insufficient.


Your insurance company is probably investigating to see if you can benefit fronm any insurance coverage available in your household. It is best to cooperate with your insurance company as that is your duty.

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Unless another family member owns the vehicle you were driving at the time of the accident and is thus vacriously liable for your negligence ( or alleged negligence), there is no claim against anybody in your household and thus no coverage by their insurance.

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Without someone else's name on the title, unlikely


Cooperate with your insurance company or they will deny coverage. Your insurance company will assign an attorney to represent you. Cooperate with that attorney. If you are being sued for an amount greater than your coverage, then consult with a private lawyer.

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