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Can my ex-wife voluntarily agree to end alimony support? If so, are there forms that exist that she can sign to waive alimony?

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Our divorce was in South Carolina. Because of severe medical issues, I am no longer working and it's reasonable to expect that I will not work again. Other than disability payments that have not started yet, I have no income.

I don't know if my ex will agree to this, but I would like to know if it can be done before I approach her.

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Parties can agree to voluntarily end spousal support payments.

I am not sure that Florida would be the appropriate state to enter that agreement for ratification by the Court, however.

Agreements do not need to be written on any particular form, but a quick search of the internet may turn up something you could use.

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First, you would have to domesticate the judgment in a Florida court if neither party still resides in SC. Second, if you would like to modify alimony, you must ensure that your settlement agreement or final judgment doesn't say that the alimony award is non-modifiable. Also, under Florida law, some awards are not subject to modification depending on their classification. If you do find modification is appropriate, make sure it is properly modified or terminated through the court.