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Can my ex-wife subpoena my Bank statements?

California |

I live in California, been separated for over 7 years, and officially divorced for 5. My ex-wife continuously brings me back to court for support modification, and is at it again. I got laid off a year ago, and am getting close to another job, but my ex-wife is now sending subpoenas to all of my former jobs, some people I am currently trying to get work with, my girlfriend, and several of my personal financial insitutions such the banks where I have my personal checking account and another I pay my mortgage payment too. Can she do this? Is it legal for her to invade my privacy, harrass me and potentially hurt my chances of regaining a paycheck?

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While your current finanical information is very relevant to her spousal support claims and probably wouldn't be subject to your privacy claims, it does seem like she's going to kill the golden-egg- laying goose with hyper-aggressive tactics like these. You may be entitled to seek a protective order to limit her discovery rights so that she doesn't hurt your job seeking efforts.

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