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Can my ex wife keep my daughter from me legally?

Bradenton, FL |

Last week my ex wife got mad at me because her other daughter and my new wife son got in to a "text" fight. The other daughter is not mine, and the son does not live with us. Harsh words were said between the two teenagers, and because of that my ex said that my daughter will not be coming over for the rest of the summer vacation. I am supposed to get her every other week for a week during the whole summer vacation and now she says I can not! Can she legally do this? What can I do? what should I do?

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Consult your own attorney, if you are already represented. If not, then may I recommend calling Law Office of Julie Plummer at 727-327-3020. They specialize in family law issues including custody disputes.

Good luck.

Dennis Phillips


No, she cannot. In that event, you need to file a Motion for Contempt against your ex-wife (if you can have her refusal to allow visitation in writing it is better) and file it in court. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation.