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Can my ex wife keep me from seeing my daughter?

San Antonio, TX |

I was taking care of my daughter since October 1st. During that time her mother visit her twice and the second time she kept her saying im keeping her call my lawyer if you have any questions. I asked when can i see my daughter and she replied when the courts let you.

Its a soon to be ex-wife....she filed for divorce and refuses to let me see my daughter...

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If you do not have any court orders then you have just as much right to see your daughter as the mother has.

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You refer to your daughter's mother as your "ex" so I assume you were divorced after your daughter was born. If that's true, then your final decree of divorce probably contains a section entitled "Standard Possesion Order" or "Possession Order."

Under the possession order contained in your final decree of divorce, your rights will be spelled out in detail. You have all those rights until your ex files for a modifictaion to keep you away from the child (an unlikely outcome without some ugly facts on your side).

So assuming that you have a standard possession order in place, your ex cannot keep you from seeing your daughter.

You can file a motion to enforce the possession order.