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Can my ex keep my new girlfriend away from our children?

Raleigh, NC |

My ex wife left me over a year ago and now that i have moved on with my life she refusses to let our children around my new girlfriend. My girlfriend and i have been together for 4 months and she was allowed around them when we werent dateing but now that we are she wont let them around her. Can she legally do this?

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Before I address your question, please note that I practice family law in Texas. I am not familar with the laws of your state. That being said, I hope I can at least give you a little help.

Sometimes in a divorce decree, there is language that states a party cannot have an unrelated person of the opposite sex spend the night when the children are in that party's possession. So obviously, if your decree has language along those lines, then you need to follow the court order.

How is your ex dictating what you do with your children during your possession periods?
Generally speaking, during your times of possession, you are the parent that makes the decisions (assuming your decree does not state otherwise). Therefore, you should be allowed to bring your children around your girlfriend.

However, if your girlfriend could expose your children to something that would negatively impact them, your ex could have grounds to ask to court to not allow her around your children.

So, as you can tell, there are a lot of details that are needed before this question can be answered. I suggest that you contact an attorney in your area. Best of luck.



what if the ex is making up lies about the new girlfriend. and before the ex and the new were friends and did things as family before? she has stated that the kids and her dont want to be around the new girlfriend but their kids love the new girlfriend. How do I being the "new" solve this it is killing me not to see the boys and bond with them. our kids are friends and have grown up together and now i have to tell my kids we cant see his kids.