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Can my ex get custody of my kids?

Deland, FL |

Me and my ex split up and he is trying to take the two kids from me . He has many charges on his record for drug possession and child abuse on his step daughter ( Not my daughter ) and other charges . He has two DUI s and no license . And he also has two other kids with two different other woman . He has no custody of either one of the other kids and does not make an effort to see them or talk to them . The only thing on my record is a seatbelt ticket and a pending battery charge that he had me falsely arrested for . Because of that there was a court ordered no contact , and he said he went to the cops and said I violated it indirectly and has told everyone there is a warrant for my arrest . This was 4 days ago , and there is still no warrant . How long would that take to show up ? Please help !

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Hire an attorney, have him go with you to the police station and let the attorney do all the talking, no police officer is so dumb as to not understand this scam.

My name is Stephen R. Cohen and I have practiced over 38 years and can be reached at 213-819-1171. I practiced mainly in Los Angeles and Orange County, California. I am not seeking clients from existing relationships with other attorneys, and give only limited advise over the phone (the phone is primarily used to set appointments), these services do not create an attorney client relationship. I apologize for mispelling< as I am a lousy typist, My answers may offend as I do not believe in pulling punches or sugar coating the truth. Further regarding courts in other states my opinions are largely based on logic and what I think is the modern trend which is to consider the needs of the child.



I dont have money for an attorney.


I agree with Mr. Cohen. If you cannot afford an attorney contact legal aid in Daytona Beach. They will assess your financial ability and if you qualify will sit you down with an attorney for around 30 minutes to go over what you need to do.

Best of luck.

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