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Can my ex employer with hold my last paycheck

Concordia, KS |

my wife and i were both employed at the same place and we went to pick up our last check and the employer refused to let us have them say we needed to return the manual before we could have our checks. I never received one and the store manual was only copied page held together with a staple. Can they hold the checks even though I didn't receive the manual?? If not, what can I do about this problem??

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No, your employer is not allowed to withhold your wages. The Kansas Wage Payment Act provides that the employer shall pay the employee's earned wages not later than the next regular payday. (K.S.A. 44-315). Your employer is actually liable for penalties of 1% of the unpaid wages if it is more than 8 days since you should have been paid. (K.S.A. 44-315(b)). If you inform your employer of the fact that you did not receive a manual, and it seems an invaluable item, the employer may be in violation. You should speak to an attorney.

Angela Y. Madathil - Employment Attorney in Wichita, Kansas

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