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Can my employer throw away my personal property?

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In the lunch room of my place of employment there is a small kitchen with a sink. Above the sink is a sign advising employees that if items are left in the sink they will be thrown away. One night, i left a small blender in the sink to soak and forgot to remove it. After returning in the morning to retrieve it, it was thrown away. Is my employee in their legal right to throw away my property in this instance? The item is valued at $20. Thank you for your help

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The risk of loss is yours if properly given notice. Do you know that it was thrown away or possibly the cleaning company personnel helped themselves? Perhaps best to contact them and inquire what happened to your property....making waves with your employer over something they did not assume any responsibility would be a mistake, especially if you were warned.

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Yes any item left in the sink will and can be thrown away. You were on notice. And, the policy may not be the employer's. That policy may come from the building landlord and/or cleaning management.



Thank you for response to my inquiry.


From what you stated it is very clear that you were on notice as to what would happen to anything that you left in the sink. Guess what? That is what happened.

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