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Can my employer make me work with hurt toe?

I dropped a speaker box on my toe and almost broke it, I have a subdural hematoma. The doctor had to drill a hole in my toe to drain the blood and I was advised to wear a walking boot and take a few days off. I’m a dishwasher at a large restaurant and returned on my normal day, not taking the time off the doctor recommended, in hopes I could be placed in a different position. I cannot get my foot wet especially with dirty dish water as I could get an infection and I’m high risk with taking antibiotics due to a serious prior health condition. I was told when I got there they still needed me in dishwashing after I explained everything and their solution was for me to put a plastic bag over my foot. Of course I slipped and fell a few times, luckily nothing serious. After a couple hours I told my manager I had to leave that I could not feel my foot and the circulation wasn’t right and I needed to elevated it. My mom’s a nurse elevating was her advise. Are these fair circumstances? Can anything be done about this situation? Any advise would be greatly appreciated

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