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Can my employer make me work two jobs at the same time (scale and heavy machine operator) just to keep from paying overtime?

Highland, NY |

The company does not keep the minimum staffing to run all buildings and refuses to hire new employees. We have lost 4 employees in the last year and a half, none have been replaced. My boss has me run a loader and an outbound scale located at another building. So I (and others) have to run back and forth between the buildings. Those employees that were cross trained are expected to do this while other employees just focus in one task because there are or will not cross train. I believe this to be a form of discrimination because I want to learn other jobs why should I be expected to work multiple jobs at once? Thank you for any help you have.

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Unless there is some contractual or union prohibition, I see no problem with the employer having you multi-task during your day. If you are working more than 40 hours per week you should get overtime.

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This is the type of problem that only a union can try to solve. You and your coworkers need to look into union organizing. Hiring a lawyer will not solve your complaint.


You should be getting overtime for all work over 40 in a week. If you are working on a prevailing wage job you should get overtime after 8 hours of work in any day.

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