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Can my employer fire me for no reason, rules of at will employment in CA

San Diego, CA |

I was fired for no reason about 3 months ago. They didn't given any reason for the firing, I was the most profitable manager (there words). They lied and said my bonus was my severance. I feel I was targeted simply because I was the only minority manager working for the company. Other minorities were laid off and not hired back, But white men were hired to replace them as well as myself. The economy was implied with the other firing but since then plenty of people all of them white have been hired. I worked very hard for this company and my firing was a shock to the company. I was very liked person and went above and beyond what a manager should do. Can they just let me go simply for no reason?

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An ER does not need a reason to fire an EE, even if you were the best EE in the place. The law allows businesses to have bad management, to act foolishly, to lie to EEs generally, and run their businesses into the ground if they so desire. So the answer to your question is "yes", with an exception. What the law does not allow is illegal conduct, e.g. terminating EEs because of their protected status or protected conduct. If you have "substantial evidence" that your termination was based on your race or national origin beyond the fact you were terminated and replaced by a White male, then you may have a case. You need something more than suspicion to go forward. I would suggest filing a claim with the DFEH that you believe you were terminated due to your national origin or race, and that you were replaced by a white male and see what the Company has to say. You may get the evidence you need that way because whatever they say you can prove it to be false. Just be prepared to wait as this takes some time.