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Can my employer deduct money out of my paycheck without my consent?

San Antonio, TX |

I am a embroiderer and the owner has informed me that one of the orders I finished was incorrect so I had to pay for it. Problem is I didn't know the art work was wrong since it was the only art work we had on file and no one informed us of any changes. My immediate supervisor spoke to me about it and said that it was also their fault so they were going to pitch in $ 20 to help me cover the expense however he said not to tell the owner about it. I told him that I did not agree to this as I said it was not my fault that the art work was not updated and how could they hold me responsible for this since it not my job. I did not agree to the deduction and they took it anyway. I am also afraid of losing my job in case I bring this up to them and fight it. Can someone help me understand?

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In general, your employer may not deduct anything from your wages without your written permission. The best recource to assist you with this, and answer your qustions, would be the Texas WEorkforce Commission. 1-800-832-WAGE (9243)