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Can my employer charge me for a mistake I made when charging a customer?

Tampa, FL |

My employer wants to charge me $1.50 for a $0.10 error on a guest check. This sounds like it is not a big deal however the mistake is very common at my work place due to the fact that the price changes in the middle of the employees shift. (Often it is too busy to keep track of the time and the price change.)

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Can your employer charge you for a mistake? Yes, and he/she can also fire you, no questions asked. (Or you can quit.) Which would you prefer? Paying a dollar fifty or looking for a new job. Your employer does not owe you a job. You owe your employer your best work.

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You can be terminated in Florida for any reason as a result of the at will doctrine. However, the charging for errors can be an issue for the employer makes it a practice to the point that you are paid less than minimum wage.