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Can my employees legally record our conversation and share it with others?

Milwaukee, WI |

I called my employee to tell him he was being transferred. I found out later that my co-worker (another manager) already told him he was being transferred. My employee recorded my conversation without my knowledge. He then sent it to the president of the company. The president told me I did everything correct. What can I do? I feel like my privacy has been violated. Is this legal?

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It depends on whether a reasonable expectation of privacy can be attached to the conversation. If there is no expectation of privacy to the conversation, any party to the communication (and in some cases any non-party) is generally free to hit the record button. If your workplace has a specific policy against this kind of recording, the employee could be disciplined accordingly. Wisconsin is a "one-party consent" state which could be problematic in the absence of an express policy against this kind of recording.