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Can my dentist sue me for an unpaid bill?

Clayton, NC |

My dentist bill is around $700, but before my surgery I was told by the dentist's office I would likely only have to pay around $100 co-pay due to my good dental insurance. Well, I left my job a month after my dental surgery and my insurance didn't cover the bill. Now, 5 months later, the dental office is threatning me with legal action. I have no job currently. Can they do this in North Carolina? The only thing I own is my car. Can they place a lien on it?

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See if they will let you get on a payment plan you can live with


Yes, they have the right to sue you. Normally they will just turn over an amount like that to a collection agency. They cannot place a lien on your car, but they could obtain a judgment against you and then have the sheriff execute on the judgment, which could include seizing your property for sale to satisfy the judgment and costs. This is not likely. It would be better for you to start making small, good faith payments until your situation improves.


Of course you can be sued for an unpaid bill.

The issue is why the insurance company did not pay, as you were still employed and, thus, still insured at the time of the surgery.

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