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Can my deferred adjudication be completely expunged?

San Antonio, TX |

can my Deferred Adjudication from 10 years ago be expunged? (it was a class c misdeamor that was dismissed)

Plus i am currently filling out my texas real estate license application and it asked if i ever had deferred adjudication, even if it was dismissed.... Do i have to answer yes to that question if i get my records sealed from disclosure or an expungement? Im so frustrated because im 38 years old and never been in trouble for anything in my life, and this was a theft charge that was a misunderstanding in the store but they wouldnt listen to me and had me arrested. Please help, i dont want this following me for the rest of my life.

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Attorney answers 2


A Class C is the only type of deferred adjudication that can be expunged if successfully completed. A Court order granting an expunction specifically allows you to deny the occurance of the arrest, etc except when you're asked in Court under oath.... at which point you have to acknowledge that the matters inquired about were expunged. Consult with the attorney that obtains your expunction specifically about your licensing application.


If your plea was for a class C misdemeanor and if the case was dismissed after successfully completing deferred adjudication you may have the charge expunged. This would erase the record of your arrest and you would be able to legally deny the event ever occurred. Call me if you need any assistance in this matter.